Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker with Digital Touch Screen

MSRP: $119.99
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5.50 LBS

The TRU Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker delivers a rich taste and robust aroma with a precise extraction of the intended flavor profile from the coffee beans. Perfect coffee requires precision and the TRU Pour Over Brewer dials in the optimal grounds to water ratio to deliver the ideal cup. Simply fill the water tank and power on the digital touch control. Select your preferred brew temperature from 190°F to 205°F. The pour over process starts with a rinse cycle to wet the paper filter and pre-warm the dripper and carafe. After the rinse cycle is completed, add 16 grams of your favorite coffee grounds and the planetary motion water spout will do the rest. The precise pattern will wet the grounds and even pause at the precise moment to allow the grounds to bloom. In under 4 minutes you'll be enjoying a perfectly crafted pour over coffee.

  • Digital touch control conveniently displays brew temperature and pour over status
  • Adjustable brew temperature range from 190°F to 205°F can also be displayed in °C (88°C to 96°C)
  • Pour over program begins with a rinse cycle to wet and rinse the paper filter and pre-warm the dripper and glass carafe
  • The planetary motion water spout replicates the manual pour over process of a hand poured craft coffee
  • Plastic cone dripper fits a 01 cone shape paper filter
  • 11 oz glass carafe with nonslip silicone collar
  • 16:1 water to grounds ratio for the optimal brewing and a precise cup of pour over coffee
  • Includes 25 size 01 cone style paper filters
  • 120 volt, 1000 Watts

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