Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Select Brands products and can I buy them from you?

Our products are sold through various retail channels both in store and online. Select Brands offers a smaller product assortment for direct sales online. Currently you can find our products at a variety of retail centers, including mass merchants, grocery and drug chains, home improvement centers, catalogs, gourmet retailers, specialty shops, and online retailers.

How can I get a copy of the Select Brands product catalog?

Select Brands sells merchandise directly to retailers and our assortment frequently changes, so there is not a catalog available. However, you can view photos and descriptions of our products throughout this site.

How do I purchase replacement parts for Select Brands products?

Some replacement parts will be available to purchase on our site. If you cannot find a specific part online please call our customer service department at 866-663-4500 or contact us. To ensure the correct part is received, please provide the product model number and the name of the part (found in the instruction manual). Some parts may not be available and not all parts are replaceable.

Can I replace internal components for my product?

No. For your safety, we do not offer internal components as replacement parts.


Where can I find the model number of my product?

The model number is located on the cover of the instruction manual. The model number is also located on the bottom of the product if you do not have the manual. Product instruction manuals can be downloaded from our website.

Can metal parts and attachments be placed in the dishwasher?

Many removable parts, such as a cutter assembly from a can opener or blender, hand mixer beaters, and others are dishwasher safe. To prolong the life of your product, it is recommended to hand wash parts and accessories. Always refer to the instruction manual of the specific product.

Do any of the slow cooker inserts contain lead?

No. All stoneware is FDA approved and never contains lead or cadmium.

My product has a warning that it could expose me to chemicals. Can you tell me more about that warning?

Absolutely. This warning label is required by the State of California in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (or Proposition 65). Since our products are distributed throughout all of the United States, including California, we include this label to continue selling in California.

The bottom of my slow cooker insert is not glazed. Is this a defect?

No. Sometimes the insert is not glazed on the bottom surface. This is a result of the manufacturing process. When the glaze is applied to the insert it must then be cured through an oven. The insert is placed on a fixture to move it through the oven and the way it is positioned on the fixture does not always allow the entire bottom to be coated. Always use caution when placing stoneware on a table or counter top.

How durable is the insert in my slow cooker?

Slow cooker inserts should not be used on the stove top and should never be placed under a broiler. Stoneware inserts can be used for baking - up to 400ºF - without the lid. Stoneware will not withstand thermal shock (sudden temperature changes).

Does your nonstick coating contain harmful chemicals/PFOA/PTFE/Teflon?

First, Teflon is a specific brand name for nonstick coating. We do not own or use Teflon brand nonstick. Select Brands has taken steps, and continues to takes steps, to make our products as safe as possible, including the nonstick coatings we use. Some of our nonstick coating is PTFE. There is NO PFOA. Unlike PFOA, PTFE is not considered to present any health risk. Research has determined that PTFE is not toxic and it is safe for human consumption and food contact. In addition, we properly cure our coatings and our appliances do not heat to temperatures high enough to break down the chemical structure of the nonstick. Shop our heated cooking products for ceramic coating for an alternative to nonstick.


Can I use a regular cake mix in my Babycakes or other treat making appliance?

Absolutely. You can use a regular cake mix, muffin mix or brownie mix. Mix them according to the directions on the package and bake them as directed in the product’s instruction manual. Different mixes and different flavors bake and rise differently so it may take some trial and error. Hey, even if the cake pops are a little flat they still taste great.


My product was purchased less than one year ago but does not seem to be working properly. What should I do?

You should always start with the retailer where the product was purchased first. Check your receipt for the retailer return window. If you are within that time frame the return should be handled by the retailer. If you are beyond the return window for the retailer, please contact our customer service. We also always recommend using our online product registration for any new Select Brands product purchase. Always refer to the instruction manual for the specific terms and conditions of our product warranty. If the product is no longer under warranty, we recommend that you take it to a repair center.

My product was replaced under the original warranty terms. What does that mean for my warranty going forward?

Our standard warranty term is from the date of purchase. If a product is replaced within the terms of the warranty, the original time frame of the warranty still applies. We will continue to offer support through the terms of the initial warranty. A replacement product does not extend the warranty.

Is there any condition when my product would not be under warranty?

When a product is purchased or acquired through a third party reseller unfortunately we are unable to provide any warranty services. Third party resellers are non-authorized distributors that have in some manner acquired our product. We do not know how these products have been handled, how many parties have owned them, what channels of distribution they have been through or whether they are used or reworked. If you have purchased or acquired our product through a third party reseller any defective issues, replacements or returns will need to be handled directly with that party.


Please contact our customer service department at 866-663-4500 or contact us.