Triple Slow Cooker with Three 2½ Quart Inserts


25.80 LBS

With the FRIENDS triple slow cooker, menu planning and party prepping is stress free when hosting or entertaining. The three separate inserts, each with individual heat control, makes preparing multiple dishes a breeze. Serve a dazzling buffet from appetizers and dips to savory soups and stews. Don't forget about a dessert or even a warm beverage. The FRIENDS triple slow cooker allows you to make the most memorable of Thanksgiving moments.

  • Three separate 2½ quart oval inserts are removable for serving and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Three independent heat controls each with Low High and Warm settings
  • The stoneware inserts are designed with spoon slots so the lid can stay on and food retains heat
  • Includes convenient lid rests to hold the lid while serving and let condensation roll into the container instead of onto the countertop
  • Includes three serving spoons, 1 solid and 2 slotted
  • Tempered glass lids
  • 420 total watts

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