Pancake Art Electric Griddle Kit


9.60 LBS

The DANCAKES Pancake Art Griddle Kit has been specially designed by the world's first professional pancake artists to start creating pancake art at home. Don't worry if a masterpiece doesn't turn out. After all, mistakes are delicious. The Pancake Art Kit includes all the tools that a budding pancake artist might need.

  • The specially shaped 1500 watt heating element creates even heat
  • The large 15½" x 14" cooking surface is the ideal palette size
  • High end nonstick coating for a smooth and easy release of pancake creations is free of PFOA and PTFE
  • Adjustable temperature control for drawing and cooking pancake art, also includes standard temperature markings from 150F to 400F
  • The oversized drip tray and radiused griddle edge make clean up and do-overs a breeze
  • Includes the tools that any pancake artist might need:
    • Use the high-temperature spatula to flip large pancakes
    • Three 20 ounce batter pens help with the details and can be used for colored or toned pancake art
    • The 12 ounce fill bottle is useful for refilling the batter pens, creating stacked pancake art or filling in colorful pancake art
    • The pancake handbook provides step-by-step guidelines to create different styles of pancake art

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